Marketing a SaaS product based on Drupal

Updated on 11-11 to include slides.

In this business focused session Mieszko Czyzyk, co-CEO of GoalGorilla, explains how his company funds and markets Open Social, a Drupal 8 community distribution.



Drupal in Government [around the globe]

The session will try to summarize presence of Drupal in government applications around the globe. We will go through different countries and look for interesting community-driven initiatives targeting governments on all levels - from local to state.



Improving UX for sitebuilders and administrators

The new Drupal release cycle allows us to bring some big usability changes such as workflows and a new settings tray to get to the configuration. But at the same time, lots of the old problems exist and we still lack guidance or UI standards.


Innsalg av testbasert utvikling i D8

Lage brukere, lage innhold, endre kode, endre innhold, teste manuelt, endre et felt, teste igjen, ny database, nytt alt, på an igjen. Nårt man utvikler litt mer enn grunnleggende systemer i Drupal er det lett å miste tråden, og det er lett å bruke mer tid på manuell testing enn man tror at man egentlig har brukt.





"The Ten Commandments" for suppliers

Einar Ryvarden has been working with developers both from the customer-side and as head of development in Aller Media (focusing on Drupal), Tidsskriftet and as consultant for a number of clients. He will in this session go through his "Ten Commandments" when working with non-technical customers. Look forward to new insights in an area we all need to be better all the time.



Sprint på søndag

Code sprints på søndag. 

I utgangspunktet er det åpent fra kl 10:00 og 16:00.