University - a Drupal 8 distribution for universities - Update: Slides published!

Session description

Drupal 8 is a great solution for universities and colleges. Even though these sites have different needs and structures, the base for a site like this should have some common ground. They all tend to be content heavy, should communicate studies to attract new students, and have a large group of editors/employees.

The session covers general thought behind the distro, how to get going, and how to use it well.

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Some keywords of the session:

  • In-content navigation
  • Building flexible section pages
  • Login integrations - LDAP / Feide / ID-porten
  • Study pages, programs and plans presentation (with Emweb integration)
  • Backend UX improvements
  • Media library UX improvements
  • Search "everywhere" - frontend, backend, when setting canonical links, ++

The lead development is initiated by Frontkom, which also presents this session.

Session time

About the speaker

Thor Andre Gretland